The NEW Omega VRT400 Low Speed Juicer

The Omega VRT400 is the latest model of juicer omega VRT in the know with Omega VRT400HDS models as a complement of the previous model Omega VRT350 vertical style masticating juicer features the high overall performance of a masticating style juicer in the vertical design, which of course, this latest model has advantages over with the previous generation including Juice Mixing Tap Function, Auto-Cleaning System, and Capable of Juicing Wheatgrass at High Yield Auto Cleaning System.

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Another advantage of the new models is Omega VRT400HD Juicer includes the patented juicer Tap. The Tap Allows you to control the output juice so you may create amazing juice blends inside the juicer, and it also makes cleaning Easier. The Tap makes the Juicer of Omega VRT400 great for making raw nut milks.

Omega VRT400 juicer Features

  • Convenience and Quality in one – Enjoy the convenience of a centrifugal juicer (size, space, ease of cleaning) with the efficiency and high quality juice of a single auger masticating juicer.
  • Low Speed ​​Juicing System – two stage design crushes then squeezes your fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and even soybeans instead of grinding or cutting. This extraction method preserves all of the natural color, taste, Nutrients and vitamins of what you are juicing.
  • Auto Cleaning System – simply pour water through between juicing different fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and more. Save time and effort
  • 80 RPM for peak efficiency
  • GE Ultem Auger with Crushing Ribs at the top support the initial crushing stage of juicing
  • Equivalent to a 2 HP Motor
  • Commercial Condenser Brushless Motor
  • Exclusive Underwriters Laboratories Inc.. (UL) Household and Commercial Approval

Omega VRT400 juicer incredibly quiet, sounds similar to a battery operated child’s toy, just like a whir of gears. Compared with style when regular juicers, blenders that seem like loud. This Omega VRT400 juicer is quite simple to use and clean. assembly is vrt400 image2

Omega VRT400 juicer is one of the best juicer available today. It has been just in lounching, but this Omega VRT400 juicer has many fans in various countries especially in U.S..

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15 year warranty

The Omega VRT400 Juicer is covered by a Full 15 year warranty included (Note the box states a 10 year warranty, however, has confirmed the Omega warranty is 15 years).

Omega VRT400 Review

Review By Nancy (Georgetown, TX, United States), Contributors to, June 11, 2013
About Omega VRT400 Review : a Vertical Masticating Hd Juicer W/Tap Omega Vrt400
omega vrt400 image3

I did a lot of research on masticating juicers, finally settling on this one. It is awesome. I love how quiet it is and it seems to get every last bit of juice out of whatever I’m juicing. And, surprisingly it is very easy to clean once you get the assembly down. (In comparison I had a Breville Juice Fountain Multi Speed before – NO comparison).
When I received the Omega vrt400, the pulp container was cracked and the bowl had some crazy sticker that I absolutely could not remove. I contacted Kitchen Kapers and they reached out to Omega for me, who willingly replaced both items at no cost. Wow – super impressed by Kitchen Kapers’ responsiveness, and Omega’s customer care.

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